Howdy y’awl and a warm welcome to Junksville Guitars.

As you can see our new state of the art workshop is up and running after some major modernisation. As well as now having an actual power outlet and a flushing outhouse we also have the all important seating area to the left where we can sup back a few cold ones whilst deciding when we’ll actually start work.

It is here we produce our  one of a kind instruments, inspired by the traditional cigar box guitars that date back to the 1800’s. All the parts we use are recycled, reclaimed, scavenged and scrounged so as well as being completely bespoke they are also environmentally friendly.

Our builds have ranged from traditional 3-string cigar boxes to Gas-can banjos, resonator guitars, solid bodied, 3, 4, 5, and 6 stringed. We have also helped people who have their own ideas and spec they would like incorporated into a build.

Every guitar is unique as we never build 2 the same “Play or display” they look as good as they sound!


So why not crack open a cold one and check out our hobby. You can find out more about us through the “WHO THE HELL” button below, we have a gallery of some of our builds as well as videos, tuning guides, history and more. We are always adding to the site so make sure to bookmark us and check back........thanks for stoppin by.


In a time where music seems to be mass produced manufactured and technically enhanced ,let Junksville take you back to basics. Grab a Cigar Box Guitar and a cold beer, take yourself out onto the porch and get that chair rockin...lets make music fun again!

The rectangular configuration of a guitar body is a registered trademark of Fred W. Gretsch Enterprises, Ltd. Which is not associated with JUNKSVILLE GUITARS



Kellogg’s is a leading cereal manufacturer who’s cereals are packaged in rectangular shaped boxes. Although our guitar bodies are a similar shape Junksville Guitars are not associated with Kellogg’s.